Wanda Lloyd conversation, moderated by Mabinty Quarshie - Shared screen with speaker view
Mackenzie Warren
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David Baratz
Wanda - Thank you for taking time to share your experiences with us. Can you share your thoughts about how today’s newsrooms (especially the leaders in the newsrooms) can be more open to a broader range of people and stories in their communities.
Mackenzie Warren
Wanda, having been a top editor, you've been involved in editorial boards, op-ed pages, etc. From what you've seen at The New York Times with the Sen. Cotton op-ed and all that's unfolded from that, how do you analyze this episode? What can we learn from it? What should journalism do differently (or the same) in light of it?
Mackenzie Warren
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Elizabeth Montgomery
As a black woman, in your career were you ever afraid? What did you do to overcome the fear?
Mackenzie Warren
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Debra Krol
There are some newspapers in regions where tribes have been historically misunderstood or where leaders oppose tribes establishing their inherent rights. One of those regions is Rhode Island where you said you began your career. What advice would you give to newsrooms as they work to cover these smaller tribes?
Nicquel Terry Ellis
Can you talk about how you responded to readers who were criticizing your coverage of race? Any advice you’d give to journalists covering race/racism in today’s America?
Debra Krol
thanks for the advice!
Mabinty Quarshie
For anyone who wants an autographed copy of Wanda’s book, you can get it at her website: https://wandalloyd.com/bio/
Mackenzie Warren
Mabinty, thank you so much for hosting this. Great questions by you and everyone else. And Wanda... we miss you and are so grateful to you for sharing your experiences. An hour is not enough.
Thank you so much, Wanda! Just ordered your book.
David Baratz
Thank you
Bill Cannon
Thank you Wanda and Mabinty!